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We engineer room controls that enhance the hotel ambience and the experience of the guest. Our features guarantee a better stay from check-in to check-out and everything that happens in between.

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One click,
four moods

Smart doesn’t have to be complicated. One click to change the mood. One click for all off. Wireless & battery-free switches with custom prints to match the hotel’s overall design.


When a guest opens the door for the first time, the room smoothly lights up. Details are the key in first impressions.

night lights

Dimly lit floor and WC. Invisible from the bed. Activated by floor level movement next to the bed.

More efficient

Do not disturb & clean my room switches coupled with occupancy detection allow the housekeeping to work more efficiently with fewer interruptions for the guests.


Open and close the curtains with one click. Let your guests just lie down and enjoy.


Mobile check-in and mobile key gives your guests a fast lane to the room with no queueing in reception.

AC with multi-point

Truly accurate temperature adjustments.

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