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Mount Kelvin is a guest room management system. It's delightful to use, super-easy to install & operate, and does its bit in preserving the planet.
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Hotel lighting control

Hotel room light switch with scenes control

Powerful switches for setting the ambiance of the room. One click, all off. Smooth dimming curves. Automatic night lights. Auto-off.

Automatic eco-friendly lighting and HVAC

Our occupancy detection ensures that energy is not wasted and guest comfort is not compromised. Modern sensoring replaces the age-old keycard hassle.

Damage and disturbance prevention

hotel damage and disturbance prevention alerts

Monitor your whole room fleet via our cloud API. Detect unwanted behaviour and events as they happen, not when your guests inform your staff about them.

Developer friendly cloud architecture

Mount Kelvin hotel room control cloud architecture

Use our cloud APIs to read data from your fleet, change the configuration of the rooms, or for integrations to other systems and apps.

All device configuration is backed up in the cloud automatically. Never worry about losing the laptop or USB stick containing the configuration of the whole building.

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The standard room: see the bits and parts Mount Kelvin delivers

White hotel room light switch with one rocker

Light switches

Relay to control lights or curtains in hotel room

Luminaire drivers

Hotel room motion sensor for occupancy detection


Mount Kelvin guest room management system gateway


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Lapland Hotels Bulevardi
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Hotel U14, Marriot Autograph Collection
Radisson Royal Helsinki
Lapland Hotels Bulevardi
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Planning, building & configuring hotels is tough. That’s why we created the Hotel Configurator.

Hotel room configurator software


Plan the exact functionality of your rooms well in advance into template rooms. Link exact copies to this template, and configurations of the rooms are automatically in sync.

Bill of materials

Get the exact number of required components automatically. Not a single second spent on calculating components in an excel manually.

Live status

See the total count, status and configuration of your devices real time. Very helpful when tracking the progress of device commissioning during construction.

Cloud based

No 1990s style Windows 95 applications or sticking USB cables into an electrical box. Everything runs in your desktop browser via our Cloud API.

Mount Kelvin is interior designer friendly

Our wireless and battery free tech allows placing the switches anywhere

Hotel room light switch four scenes two rockers Download our lookbook