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We engineer room controls that enhance the hotel ambience and the guest experience. Our features guarantee a better stay from check-in to check-out and everything that happens in between.

Our toolkit for
creating perfect stays

Perfect lighting control

Our four scenes switches are the most comfortable way to adjust lighting. Each hotel room has four delightful lighting scenes, just one click away. Never again should your guests experience the hassle of switching the lights on or off one by one. One click, all off, good night.

Welcome lights

A farewell to the keycard reader hassle. Once the guest opens the door, the lights are switched on automatically and the room is perfectly lit. It’s a pretty nice detail, and we know how much details matter to you.

Wireless and battery-free switches

Being wireless means that the switches can be positioned exactly where they need to be, free of any restrictions imposed by electrical cabling. Battery-free means maintenance-free. It's magic and it simply works!

Automatic energy saving

A wicked combination of our cool tech. Check this out.. the guest leaves the room, the curtains close, the lights are switched off, and the thermostat goes into eco mode, all automatically. Ingenious!

Mount Kelvin is built for
hoteliers and associates to charm

Interior architect friendly

No more ghastly gadgets. We offer wireless and battery-free switches to match your overall design work.

Better sustainability

Our “auto-off” feature ensures that energy consumption is minimized when the room is unoccupied.

Delightful guest experience

With our features like Do Not Disturb switch, guests will avoid embarrassing situations with the housekeepers.

Pro-electric designer & contractor

We have electrical engineers in our team to ensure that every installation succeeds as planned.

Digital guest journey

Connect your hotel and guests seamlessly with our hassle-free features before and after the visit.

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