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Mount Kelvin mockup bundle

2 190 € (vat 0)
Including: Room control kit • Sensors • Wireless or wired switches • Dimmers and relays • Commissioning • Welcome lights • Four lighting scenes • Energy saver • Automatic bathroom lights • Cloud API • Fleet Manager • Remote updates • Guest room control plan • System introduction to stakeholders
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Why build a mockup?
A mockup room is a well-established way to finalize the room concept of a hotel with experts in their respective fields.

Mount Kelvin mockup bundle is designed for quick and easy implementation of the guest room controls, automation, and management. By including them in your mockup room, you can mimic the real-life guest experience to the finest detail.
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What’s in the bundle?
All parts of a successful room control solution have been collected in the mockup bundle.

We assist the project's various stakeholders in selecting compatible solutions, and the project receives a ready-to-use model for room control configurations, electrical design, installation, and commissioning.
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Why Mount Kelvin?
We are the only guest room management system provider focusing exclusively on hospitality.

Mount Kelvin has delivered a solution for thousands of guest rooms to leading hospitality operators. We embrace simplicity, open communication standards, and cloud-based solutions to create future-proof solutions for decades to come.
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Get the Mount Kelvin mockup bundle for 2 190 € (VAT 0) through the form below or contact us for more information.

After submitting the form a guest room control specialist will contact you for further details and create a guest room control plan for your project. Once you have reviewed the plan, you can confirm or cancel the order.
Too many hotel rooms look great but fail when you try to control them.
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