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Bella Lake Resort – Beach suites with a view
Bella Lake Resort – Beach suites with a view
Published by Petteri Saarinen on 04 Apr 2024
Finland is known for its thousand lakes. On the shores of one of them lies Bella Lake Resort, Kuopio’s finest hospitality experience.

Bella Lake Resort offers high-quality accommodation by a picturesque lake landscape. As hospitality operators continuously look for new ways to attract customers, the team behind Bella Lake Resort has found something that can’t be found anywhere else.

“We distinguish ourselves with unique suites in the perfect location. Half of the suites include a personal, hand-carved log sauna for the guests. I don’t think that can be found by any other hospitality operator, at least not in Finland. Each guest also has direct access to the lake from their suite.” Tatu Naamanka, CEO and co-founder of Bella Lake Resorts explains.

A combination of nature and hospitality is something that has become popular, especially after the pandemic. The demand for unique and Instagram-friendly accommodations is on the rise for both business and leisure. Sometimes the best choice for unwinding is to stay outside the city center and operators around the world are finding success by operating in unconventional locations.

High-quality services with a personal touch

At the core of Bella Lake Resort’s concept are the unmatched services of Bellanranta. The city center of Kuopio is only a few kilometers away, but the hustle and bustle is gone. A carefully curated selection of local specialties ensures there’s no need to leave the area.

A growing trend in hospitality is to prefer using local specialties instead of a one-size-fits-all model. In Bella’s case, this means that the guests have easy access to nearby services that provide an authentic view of the local lifestyle. The services include almost anything from jet ski rentals to award-winning microbreweries.

The breakfast is served in one of the suites, where the selection varies based on season, and also includes local specialties. If you’re lucky, you might even get to taste the world-famous cuisine, Kalakukko (Finnish rye bread pie).

Bella Lake Resort interior

Simple and easy control for guests

Bella Lake Resort’s suites have been designed to provide not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable accommodations, by implementing just the right amount of modern technology. All suites utilize Mount Kelvin’s guest room management system to provide domestic and international guests with a simple and powerful control experience.

“We chose Mount Kelvin because it was the most simplistic and easy-to-use system available on the market. We went through many different options, but ultimately, the choice was easy. All the other options felt too complicated for us.” Naamanka elaborates on their priorities when creating the guest experience. It’s no secret that our signature feature, four lighting scenes, provides the exact right amount of choice and control for the customer.

The technological amenities of Bella also extend beyond the lighting controls. The deluxe suites even include motorized beds that add to the luxurious yet minimalistic experience. Truly unique hospitality concepts can’t be created by sourcing everything from a single supplier, so it makes sense to find the right suppliers for each part of the guest journey and ensure that they play well together. The possibilities are practically endless and the execution has become easier than ever before. Modern operators choose modern systems with cloud APIs.

Bella Lake Resort exterior

An expansion on the horizon

As Bella Lake Resort is gearing towards its first summer season, there is also something bigger in the works. “We have begun working on a new project in the same area. It’s still in development but hopefully, there will be more news to share soon.” Naamanka shares a glimpse into their future vision.

It’s exciting to see what the future holds for Bella. They’re moving fast towards being one of the top accommodation providers in eastern Finland and we’re proud to be a part of their concept. The current average customer rating on is 9.6, that’s world-class numbers for a world-class experience.

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