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Cuber Suites – A new way to experience the outdoors
Cuber Suites – A new way to experience the outdoors
Published by Petteri Saarinen on 03 Jan 2023
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Cuber Suites is on a mission to challenge the way hospitality experiences are created. There’s no pool, no restaurant, no reception desk, and no lobby. Just unspoiled nature with carefully selected technology that enables a fully digital operating model.

Virtual rooms are a new way to experience Mount Kelvin with your smartphone. Step inside and discover the four lighting scenes of Cuber Suites in different modes.

There is a lot of hospitality offered for families with kids. To deliver something completely new, Cuber Suites decided to take the road less traveled and focus their concept on millennial couples, who want to make their holidays special, no matter the cost.

“Cuber is for a new target group, which is currently underserved. There are a lot of offers for families and the masses, usually with a one-size-fits-all approach. We focus on couples, not families. They’re not gonna stay on the premise, they want to do something special,” Cuber Suites co-founder Edwin Smaal explains the idea behind the concept.

Cuber went outside and beyond the box to reimagine what it requires to run a profitable hospitality business in the 21st century. They got rid of all the traditional amenities and aimed to create a guest experience without fixed costs. Using variable costs and automation, they’re aiming for zero overhead.

“Our strength is that we don’t have a legacy. I’ve been in these big companies and the challenge is always that they try to make things risk-free. That’s why they seldom make brave choices. We try to do things differently,“ Smaal elaborates.

VALO Smart room, work mode

The perfect travel companion

When you make your reservation at Cuber Suites, you’re asked to download the mobile application, which is your command center during your stay. After answering a couple of statements (e.g. “my favorite way to explore nature is by bicycle”) you’re paired with a local guide, who is always available through the chat function of the app.

“They’re real, local people. The guide is the oil that connects the guest journey and makes it personal. It’s a more proactive approach than traditional hotels, but the guest can still ask any questions they would typically have asked from reception. We use message templates and other tools, that make it convenient for the guides as well,” Smaal explains the application.

The guest can later use the app for getting rental bicycles, order food, or getting a late checkout. But that’s not all – even the door locks, air conditioning, lighting, and curtains are operated with the same thing. For example, Mount Kelvin’s trademark four scenes switches have been complemented in the app with additional scenes, such as “good morning” and “almost home”. Cuber used the Mount Kelvin cloud API to fully include the guest room controls in the app.

“We didn’t want to use partner applications but build one for ourselves. It was really straightforward to include Mount Kelvin in the app. Very quick to connect, with no trouble on the software side. This was a big plus,” Smaal confirms.

VALO Smart room, work mode

A commitment to modern tech

Building a digital operating model requires a lot of research on what kind of mechanics to use. And when you’re building something that no one else has built before, you can carefully curate a portfolio of modern technology to fit your needs.

Cuber chose Mount Kelvin to provide their guest room management system because the product fit the vision and they were in it for the long run. “We wanted a strategic partnership. We need someone who can fix things immediately, a partner who is reliable and has high service and quality standards. A proven product and a promise of help with the installation.” Smaal explains.

Promises made, promises kept. Ever since the initial launch of Cuber Suites in 2021, they have already expanded the site with 16 new suites. The guest room controls, automation, and management have become an integral part of the Cuber guest experience.

“I’m really happy with the system. The software is even better than I imagined and I especially like the welcome scene, when the lights go automatically on with a set delay. It’s also about all the possibilities and how the system continually improving. And working with the templates is a pleasure!”

VALO Smart room, work mode

Gearing up for growth

After the success story of their first location, Smaal, and the team are now looking into further expansions. There are discussions about new locations for the Cuber concept in the Netherlands and the neighboring countries, but also something completely new is on the way.

“We call it the private retreat. Even bigger, and even more special than Cuber. The same operating model, but the amenities will be even further tailored for our target audience. If you like Cuber, you’re gonna love our next concept!“ Smaal says.

Ever since the beginning, Cuber Suites has been all about scalable business, and the right technology choices are enabling the existing and new locations to get similar upgrades over the coming years. Occupancy information provided by Mount Kelvin is one of the key ingredients in future developments, but the whole ecosystem is important.

The general reception has already been overwhelmingly positive. Roompot score, based on over six hundred customer reviews, is 9.0, and Entree Awards chose them as the best new holiday concept of 2021. The jury found the concept well-implemented with beautiful design and modern technology.

Innovative, original, sustainable, and future-proof – that’s what we’re all about with our friends at Cuber.

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