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Hacking the guest experience through sensor data with Bob W
Hacking the guest experience through sensor data with Bob W
Published by Petteri Saarinen on 23 Mar 2021
Bob W is a responsible tech company operating in hospitality. Their exceptionally cool short-stay apartments are a smarter alternative to hotels and random rentals. We’re collaborating with Bob W to help them build autonomous hospitality technology and give every guest a local, contactless, five-star experience at scale.

Reimagining hospitality together

Inspired by the handpicked neighborhoods in which they’re located, each Bob W apartment promises guests local design, a focus on sustainability, and curated nearby services. Both Mount Kelvin and Bob W challenge old habits and systems with the aim to take the guest experience to a whole new level. Through our collaboration, we’re using technology to make that happen.

“The conventional five-star experience is disconnected from what we urbanites in our 20s, 30s, and 40s want. We don’t want a concierge service and we don’t care about how many hair dryers are in the room. Instead, we care about how fluent the experience is,” says Jakub Järvenpää, Founder and CEO of Mount Kelvin.

“Bob W intends to fix and remove all the pain points that are out of touch with modern times, and make the experience as fluent as possible. They think about hospitality in a very fresh way—not tech first, but total customer experience first,” Jakub continues.

Achieving more than lighting control

While smart lighting is an important solution for Bob W, they accomplish much more with Mount Kelvin’s guest room management system (GRMS). Bob W gets GDPR-compliant data on consumer behaviors in their apartments to monitor, improve, and customize the guest experience. “We’re able to do some really interesting stuff to elevate our guest experience,” says Niko Karstikko, Co-founder & CEO of Bob W.

Through sensor kits installed in the rooms, Bob W can set the perfect lighting when guests arrive, detect alarms and noise issues, adjust the temperature and humidity as needed, and be aware of no-shows—all remotely. They’re able to prevent unwanted behaviors and act fast when any problems arise. Besides the cleaners, no one from Bob W needs to be physically present at their buildings. With everything connected to the cloud, there’s simply no need for a front desk.

Plus, Bob W builds features on top of the data from Mount Kelvin, such as for no-show mitigation. “We’re using Mount Kelvin’s amazing hardware stack, and building our own tech and use cases,” says Niko.

Since our GRMS and analytics functions will grow over time—through open APIs and easy extensions—Bob W is able to reap rewards now and well into the future.

Sustainability as a core value

Mount Kelvin and Bob W are both sustainably focused, doing our parts to preserve the planet. There’s a lot of greenwashing in the industry, but Bob W is a leading sustainable advocate in hospitality. They choose vendors that share their passionate approach to ecological sustainability.

Mount Kelvin’s occupancy detection ensures that energy is not wasted and guest comfort is not compromised. Setting the apartments automatically into eco-mode helps Bob W to save greenhouse gas emissions that derive from electricity and heating in buildings.

A new standard for the hospitality industry

Bob W is laying the rules for a new hospitality standard. “Bob W is a shining light in hospitality. Not every company has to be like them, but they should be aware of what they do and copy the best concepts,” says Jakub.

Based on the success they’ve had with our collaboration so far, Bob W plans on continuing to use our wireless solutions in all their apartments. “We believe in the future of software as part of the hospitality industry. That’s why we’ve made this investment, and we plan on rolling out Mount Kelvin in all of our units in multiple countries, including the London, UK launch next winter,” says Niko.

We’re thrilled to be working alongside hospitality visionaries such as Bob W to create the future of hospitality together.

Curious to see how their rooms look like?

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