Mount Kelvin
Mount Kelvin
Fleet Manager
Apart from connecting wires to components, Fleet Manager does every part of the deployment and maintenance work.
All in your browser.
Not for the hard-working technicians, but the smart working ones
Fleet Manager connects your computer to every guest room in the hotel project. The old days of downloading and installing software or configuring with a USB connection are gone.
  • No software installations
  • No additional hardware
  • No two-week long training modules
  • No user seat limits
Weight-loss for your project timeline
With Fleet Manager half of the work can be done before the construction. Powerful copy+paste functions cut the workload drastically.
  • Configure every room before even the foundations have been laid
  • Put in the work on 5 rooms, copy and paste the rest
Remote work?
In construction?
Up-to-date guest room data is always accessible remotely. With remote status updates, no matter where you are, you can see how many devices are installed correctly or already commissioned.
  • Skip the unnecessary visits and waiting on the construction site
  • Pinpoint the installation errors as soon as they happen, no more uncertainty on device faults
No downloads, works directly in the browser
Tailored for a thousand rooms in one system
Automatic back-ups prevent you from breaking the system or losing configurations
Instant feedback for getting the configuration not almost but just right
Hotels typically have 5–10 different guest room types. Every room is essentially a copy of one of these types. That's why we created templates.
A template contains all configuration data for a specific room type. So instead of working on hundreds of rooms individually, you only need to work on a few templates. Fleet Manager will take care of the rest.
Dali discovery
DALI discovery searches and lists all installed components in every room. You'll be able to see the live status of all installed components remotely, whenever you need to.
Less than 30 seconds per room
Make adjustments to lighting scenes on the go. By adjusting a scene in a template all changes are automatically copied to the right rooms.