Mount Kelvin
About us

As frequent travelers, we were frustrated with all the hotel room control systems we encountered. Why isn’t there an all off switch in every hotel room in the world? Who really needs 15 buttons on the air-conditioning control unit? Why are these beautifully furnished rooms ruined with these clunky and horrible “automation systems”?

Mount Kelvin was founded to build a product that every hotel guest loves and that makes the operations of the hotel smoother.

We believe that a talented and energized team can make a big difference to how buildings are built and how they serve us, the guests of the world.

Jakub Järvenpää, Founder

Our principles

Delightfulness and ease-of-use. People spend a lot of time indoors. It’s in our nature to build beautiful dwellings and enjoy life within them. Buildings should feel delightful and be easy to use. Few but powerful controls translate to “this just works”, which is the greatest compliment a room control system can get.

The power of software. Interconnected software has completely changed our way of living during the past 30 years. We believe that this same force will transform buildings for the better. They will be easier to build and more lightweight to operate. Improvements in energy efficiency will be enabled by software.

Collaboration and communication. To build a great hotel, many stakeholders need to share information and communicate. Operators, owners, interior designers, electrical engineers, system providers, all need to share a vision of what is being built. When all these disciplines work together and understand each other, we can build truly beautiful hospitality experiences.

Outcomes over components. Building delightful buildings is really hard. Our value to our customers is our expertise on how to design, build and operate buildings in the hospitality context. We don’t sell components. We are the people who are invited to collaborate on great projects, because we care about the end result.


We are not currently seeking to fill any specific positions, but if you are interested in working with us, feel free to send an open application to