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Lahden Seurahuone Loft House – a world of aesthetic and ecological pleasures
Lahden Seurahuone Loft House – a world of aesthetic and ecological pleasures
Published by Petteri Saarinen on 04 Jun 2021
Set in a former warehouse building, the Loft House is unlike any other hotel that’s equipped with Mount Kelvin. Its raw structures combine with original materials to create a contemporary design that embraces the industrial past and natural beauty of Lahti.

Virtual rooms are a new way to experience Mount Kelvin with your smartphone. Step inside and discover the four lighting scenes of Solo Loft and Loft Ultimate Garden.

For almost 130 years, Lahden Seurahuone has been continually expanding, renovating itself, and updating its attractions. Since 2011 it has been operated by Sokos Hotels, the largest hotel chain in Finland. Updating their traditional building to match the modern standards was a challenge we were invited to tackle.

A new way to refit

In 2021, Lahden Seurahuone expanded into new spaces that were previously warehouses for the nearby department store. This created an opportunity to build a hospitality experience that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Lahden Seurahuone introduced their newest addition, Loft House, in the April of 2021.

The general manager of the Seurahuone ensemble, Marika Haavisto, first came across Mount Kelvin at Lapland Hotels Bulevardi. This guest experience, and in particular the automatic night lights, served as a stimulus to find out how to provide the same level of ease for customers in Lahti.

Mount Kelvin had already been equipped in some of the rooms of Seurahuone’s old building, and it had received positive feedback from the guests. A recommendation from the electrical designer sealed the deal and our system was chosen to be refitted into the Loft House as well.

“Choosing and designing a guest room management system can be tricky because of the endless amount of stakeholders involved. Mount Kelvin managed to keep the designers and contractors in close contact throughout the different phases of the project, which made the whole process very effortless for us, the operator.”

Marika Haavisto, General Manager of Lahden Seurahuone

Loft House Loft King

No room for basicness

The rooms of Loft House are packed with up to sixty dimmable luminaires. Lighting and even the curtains are controlled with wireless switches, and the sensors enable smart features, such as automatic eco-mode and night lights. The individual deluxe interiors were designed by Jaakko Puro from Puroplan and the four lighting scenes add the finishing touch of luxury and magic into the experience.

“At no point was there even the idea of making basic rooms. Our goal was to build a hotel with the highest standards of all in every detail. We’ve created rooms that are equal to some of the best hotels in Europe.”

Marika Haavisto

And boy is she right. The Solo Loft suite rocks two stories in an open space with a beautiful exposed brick wall texture. It’s decorated with black steel, vintage artwork, and light fixtures adjusting along with the four lighting scenes.

In the Loft Ultimate Garden’s bathroom, the beige natural stone sink and bath create a stunning contrast with the light blue graphics on the opaque glasses. And the cherry on the top: the room has a balcony with an open view to the inner garden, which looks like nothing short of a high-end hotel scene out of a James Bond movie.

Teleport yourself into the rooms and experience the elegance first hand:

Loft House Garden

Design decisions that lead to a sustainable future

The European Commission has named Lahti the European Green Capital of 2021. Sokos Hotels Lahden Seurahuone is taking its part in the long-term environmental work and has even been certified with the Green Key eco-label.

To meet the high standards expected of these establishments, the operation must also be as eco-friendly as possible. Mount Kelvin’s automatic eco-mode helps Seurahuone meet the criteria without compromising guest comfort.

“Occupancy detection with motion and door sensors is the best way to make the responsible choices easy for our guests, but also ourselves. Visitors don’t need to worry about leaving the lights on, as it’s practically impossible with this ingenious system. We even got completely rid of the keycard reader because of it!”

Marika Haavisto

A well-designed guest room management system can also reduce the amount of waste during the construction process of a building. For example, Lahden Seurahuone’s room controls are completely wireless and battery-free, which means they were able to significantly reduce the usage of copper needed for cabling.

Loft House Lobby

Instant adjustments for effective operations

Lahden Seurahuone is a non-standard hotel in terms of both its design and service. “We believe that attention to detail is one of the things that makes us unique and this is evident from the moment you enter the hotel. It’s a great feeling when you make a guest feel special and we go out of our way to do this,” Haavisto explains their ultimate approach to hospitality.

The staff takes pride in their work and this shows through in everything they do. They were even the first ones to try out the new rooms of Loft House, which were then adjusted based on these hospitality experts’ feedback.

As plans become reality, there are always aspects that can be improved. That’s why Lahden Seurahuone is equipped with a system that allows adjustments to be made over the air, whenever they want.

“I can make one phone call if I want to adjust an individual luminaire. And that adjustment can be applied to all of our rooms instantly. The fact that this is now possible for us never ceases to amaze me.”

Marika Haavisto

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