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How to meet your sustainability goals with guest room controls
How to meet your sustainability goals with guest room controls
Published by Petteri Saarinen on 25 May 2022
A modern guest room management system saves energy without compromising the guest experience. More guest rooms means more savings – we figured out the numbers with our friends from Sweco.

A guest room management system is used to control a guest room’s lights, curtains, temperature, and air conditioning. It probably doesn’t come off as a surprise that by optimizing the usage of electricity and heating, you can save plenty of euros among reducing the carbon footprint.

Let’s cut to the chase. Average total savings per hotel room with Mount Kelvin are

Average total savings per hotel room

According to Statista an average upper-upscale chain hotel has 327 rooms. For the average hotel, the total annual savings would be 14 800 euros and 22 563 CO2 kilograms.

To put it in a perspective, reducing 22 563 CO2 kgs means reducing 725 hotel room nights’ carbon footprint (according to HCMI’s accepted standard for the hospitality industry).

Comparing traditional and smart hotel rooms

In order to get these numbers, an average hotel property built in the 1990s was chosen to act as the starting point of the simulation.

A traditional guest room was defined to have a basic room control setup. Heating set value at constant 21 C°, cooling set value at 23–25 C° depending on where the guest leaves it, relay-based lighting so all the lights are either on or off, and curtains manually closed only by night.

A smart guest room was defined to adjust based on whether the guest is inside or not. Heating set value for unoccupied room at 18 C°, cooling set value for unoccupied room at 25–27 C°, dimmable lighting so the power consumption of luminaires varies between 0–100%, and curtains automatically closed when the room is empty.

Occupancy information is the key

By having a door sensor and two motion sensors (one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom), Mount Kelvin GRMS can determine to a very high degree of accuracy whether the room is occupied or not. Based on this information, the energy consuming devices in the room can be automatically switched to eco-mode when the room is unoccupied. We call it the automatic eco-mode.

The savings achieved can be divided into lighting, cooling, and heating. For the financial savings estimates we used the current 2022 average energy price in Finland (0,1178 €/kWh). Here’s how they divide among the energy categories per guest room:

  Lighting Heating Cooling
Total energy -164 kWh/yr -124 kWh/yr -94 kWh/yr
Carbon dioxide emissions -31 CO2 kg/yr -20 CO2 kg/yr -18 CO2 kg/yr
Financial savings -19,43 €/yr -14,69 €/yr -11,14 €/yr

On top of all this, choosing the right guest room management system allows the operator and constructors to save energy also during the construction. For example, the wireless switches significantly reduce the amount of bus cabling and work hours needed for the implementation of room controls.

Certified sustainability

Customers are becoming more conscious of the environmental effect of their travelling. According to’s Sustainable Travel in 2022 report, 81% of travelers say that sustainability is important to them, and 50% confirm that recent news about climate crisis have influenced them to make more sustainable choices when travelling.

Various environmental certificates have become a real selling point for hospitality providers all over the world and even Google has started to display eco-certificates in its’ hotel searches. Mount Kelvin customers have achieved certifications like LEED Gold and Green Key, which are now driving more business in the post-pandemic era.

Smart tech enables your hotel to become a forerunner in a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important both during and after the construction. The best thing is that it can also help you stay on budget – today and in the future as the energy prices keep going upwards.

For making your hotel more sustainable, book a demo with our guest room control specialist below.

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