Mount Kelvin
Mockup bundle delivery terms

Mount Kelvin mockup bundle is suitable for any hospitality project that wants to create a better guest experience. The bundle can be implemented into a completely new or existing guest room with light renovation work.


  1. Guest room control design
  2. Syncing with the project team
  3. Electrical design advisory
  4. Installation of the components (not included in the bundle)
  5. Commissioning and fine-tuning
  6. Demonstration for the stakeholders
  7. Testing period


Mount Kelvin mockup bundle includes a guest room management system based on DALI/DALI-2 and EnOcean technologies. Depending on the project, either 401-D or 401-D2 system is used.

Fleet Manager and cloud API are always included in the mockup bundle. Configuration changes and integrations can be executed independently during the testing period. If the guest room does not have access to the internet, a 4G router can be provided for additional cost.

Testing period

The standard testing period is three months from the commissioning date.

When the testing period is over, access to Fleet Manager and cloud API will be limited. However, the guest room controls and automation will keep working exactly as they have been configured during the testing period and the room can still be used for regular business.


Mount Kelvin and the delivery partners reserve the right to decline any request for the mockup bundle. Reasons might include but are not limited to the following: