Mount Kelvin
Get a free guest room control plan for your project
Inside: Controllers • Sensors • Switches • Luminaires • Detectors • Welcome lights • Four scenes • Eco-mode • Bathroom lighting automation and night shift • Recommendations for lighting scenes • Curtain control • HVAC eco-mode • Switch layouts and positioning • Environmental impact and certificates • Maintenance tools and training • Updates • Configuration backups
guest room specialist
What happens next?
Our guest room control specialist will create a personalized guest room control plan for your project, free of charge.
guest room plan components
What’s in the plan?
The plan includes recommendations for luminaire controllers, sensors, detectors, switches, and their respective positions. Together, all of these elements create a memorable guest experience.
plan delivery
After submitting the room layout, you can book a review session with a guest room control specialist. You will get your plan and personalized recommendations during this 15-minute meeting.
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Too many hotel rooms look great but fail when you try to control them.
We’re on a mission to make a change.