Mount Kelvin Hotel Delivery Process



Provide basic information

  • Room Count
  • Selected Features
  • Expected completion date
  • Address of property
  • Name of operator

Mount Kelvin

Budgetary quote

To help you decide, we provide you with a quote including:

  • Control system
  • Communications modules
  • Door and motion sensors
  • Luminaire drivers
  • Commissioning service

Design Phase


Provide contact information

  • Interior designer
  • electrical designer
  • electrical contractor

Mount Kelvin

Kickoff meeting

Mount Kelvin will host a meeting with key stakeholders

  • Introduce the system and the Mount Kelvin Hotel Delivery Process
  • Discuss responsibilities of different stakeholders
  • Agree on information delivery for design proposal

Operator, Electrical designer, Interior designer

Provide additional information

  • Room types
  • Room counts by type
  • Room layouts
  • Initial interior design
  • Initial luminaire list

Mount Kelvin

Design proposal

Mount Kelvin will make a proposal for control design

  • Control and component plans for each room
  • Proposal on switch prints
  • Optional: Proposal for integrations to 3rd party systems

Interior designer

Interior design elements

  • Switch and frame colors
  • Switch placement
  • Luminaire model details

Also check out our checklist for interior designers

Electrical designer

Electrical design

  • Driver sizes and locations
  • Switch placement
  • Gateway Placement

Also check out our checklist for electrical designers

Mount Kelvin

Final Quote

The final quote will be provided to the electrical contractor and operator for final approval, new elements include:

  • Delivery Schedule
  • Component counts by type
  • Commissioning schedule

Go / no-go

Operator & Electrical contractor

Project Approval

The final proposal is approved by the operator and often the electrical contractor who acts as the customer.

Mount Kelvin

Component orders

Mount Kelvin will place component orders for drivers, switches, switch prints, sensors and other needed components

Mount Kelvin


Mount Kelvin will develop an integration or support any 3rd party who integrates against Mount Kelvin

Mount Kelvin

Component Delivery

Mount Kelvin will develop an integration or support any 3rd party who integrates against Mount Kelvin

Electrical contractor


Electrical contractor will install components and gateway prerequisites. In addition, they will test each luminaire for correct installation

We also have a checklist for electrical installers to ensure everything went smoothly.

Network contractor

Network installation

Mount Kelvin needs the Gateways to be connected to the Internet prior to installation, the network switches and connectivity therefore need to be set up prior to commissioning.

Mount Kelvin


Mount Kelvin team will come on-site to set everything up. A customer may also choose to use another contractor for this.

Operator & Interior designer

Final check-up

After a few rooms have been commissioned, an operator representative and the interior architect can come on-site to make final adjustments to scenes and other details.

Mount Kelvin

Hand over

Control keys to the system are given to the operator. Your hotel is now ready for guests.

Project Complete