Always in the right mood.

You set the mood.

Press the switch

Scan the code with your phone camera

Home is where the heart is. Your own living space should have 21st century convenience and comfort. No limiting wires. Change the mood or switch off all the lights with just one click. Make the most of your residence with our room controls.

Lighting control

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night?

Daytime, Evening time, Night Time, All off. With one switch you can change the lighting environment in your home to the right ambience for that time of day. Enhancing the quality of living for you and your family.

Voice control

“Alexa, turn the evening lights on.”

Imagine you come in the door with your hands full or are have your feet up relaxed on the couch, how easy would it be to tell someone to turn the lights on? Will now you can and they will. Choose which lighting scene you want and just ask your voice controlled device. Simple and effortless.

Temperature & AC controls

Some like it hot.

With a temperature & AC control you can turn the heating up or down to your preferred comfort level. Cool it down for the night and sleep like a baby.

Blinds control

Open Sesame.

With a single switch you can open or close the sunblinds or curtains. No more unwanted light or heat in your room.


Security, we have no problem.

As well as lighting sensors, your home can have air quality (temperature, humidity and CO2) and water leakage sensors to help give you more peace of mind. Sleep easy.

3-in-1 power sockets

With these handy plug sockets, you can conveniently charge up to three devices in one place instead of having three separate electrical outlets. Efficient and more aesthetically pleasing.

We challenge the old construction habits and systems, helping buildings evolve with age. Our software is our precision tool. We are relentless to make our tech the new norm, but our ultimate reward lies in wonderful human experiences.


FinCap’s latest residential development, Maljalahden Marina in Kuopio, will include the Mount Kelvin room control system in all 180 apartments to provide an enhanced quality of modern living with personalised lighting ambiance.

Visit Maljalahti

SRV REDI Kalasatama

REDI, a new urban center under development in Helsinki, Finland, has apartments with pre-installed Mount Kelvin lighting control systems. Apartments range from 36 to 142 square meters. REDI's first tower, Majakka, will soar to 132 metres and thus becomes the highest residential building in Finland.

Visit Majakka

Jollas Family House

MK5 is the latest CLT project of ORTRAUM Architects, built for one of the partners of the office and his family of five. The house is placed on a south-west sloping 500 m² site, located on the Jollas Peninsula east of the Helsinki city centre.


Each of the seven villas have a spacious living room, a high-quality kitchen, 3 bedrooms, a green room with its own entrance, luxurious three bathrooms, a sauna, a separate utility room.

Visit Jaloniitty


Oranen and Turklin took care of the full renovation of this townhouse in Espoo, Finland. The style is cool white mixed with touches of warm colours and wood.

Large residential projects


Otto Arajärvi
+358 40 706 9991


Jason McChesney
+358 40 323 0601


Enn Kailvee
+346 0267 0688

United Arab Emirates

Antonio Parente
+971 55 950 2435

Private residences

If you are building a private residence, get in touch with our fantastic partners.

Wellness Engineering

Miika Valli
+358 40 828 4472

Napocom Oy

Jukka Ikonen
+358 40 047 7190

Kirkkonummen Sähkö

Tony Virolainen
+358 44 2002 897

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