VALO Hotel is a paradise for people on the move

VALO Hotel is a paradise for people on the move

The project

422 rooms • Reception • Restaurants • Workspaces • Gym • Sauna Garden

Mount Kelvin features

Lighting controls • Indoor positioning

Client Hannu Holma, SSA Group 

Architect Arkkitehtitoimisto Siltanen ja Laakso Oy 

Interior architect Minna Hurme, SSA Hotels 

Lighting designer Minna Hurme, SSA Hotels 

Electrical designer Oy Insinööri Studio 

Electrical contractor Sähkö-Virel Oy 

Year 2020 

Location Mannerheimintie 109, Helsinki 

VALO Hotel is a cosy and communal hotel designed to meet the needs of persons on the move and provide them with an unrivalled setting for accommodation and revitalisation. VALO Hotel’s vision is to create a world in which people prefer to be and which is smarter tomorrow than it was yesterday. Their compact rooms are equipped with Mount Kelvin room controls with custom switch designs. Our wireless and battery-free switches were again a lifesaver, since the switches needed to be positioned in places where physical wiring would have been very costly to install.

VALO Work, a new kind of flexible workspace inside VALO Hotel, is a dynamic modern operating environment and communal services concept, which broadens our current conception of time. It’s a place where people come to work, network, revitalise and spend time. VALO Work is more than an office hotel – it offers users inspiring facilities for effective working 24/7/365. You can choose premises to suit your needs and discover a new intensity to your day by taking a dip in the pool in the Sauna Garden section or by hitting the nature trail in the Central Park.

The whole building is equipped with our indoor positioning and occupancy detection system, which is built into the lights themselves, using Wirepas technology. Accurate occupancy and people flow data helps the operations team to improve the daily routines. Indoor positioning can optionally be used to quickly locate your colleagues in VALO Work.

“The Mount Kelvin team has a clear vision where the hotel industry and digitalisation of buildings is heading. We found a reliable partner who adds value with their smart tech to deliver our exciting hotel concept combining hotel and flexible workspaces.”

  • — Hannu Holma, Development Director from SSA Group

“We are excited to see the innovative hospitality solutions that Mount Kelvin has developed using Wirepas Mesh as the core connectivity enabling the control of the lights smoothly in this hotel. We are happy to have such a forerunner partner in this business and cannot wait for the opening.”

  • — Jani Vehkalahti, SVP Global Sales at Wirepas

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