Lapland Hotels Bulevardi

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Lapland Hotels Bulevardi

The project

182 rooms • Restaurants • Bar • Hotel facade • Reception • Meeting rooms

Mount Kelvin features

Lighting controls • Welcome lights

Client Leena Turunen, Lapland Hotels 

Architect Marjut Kauppinen, Arkval Taite 

Interior architect Marjut Kauppinen, Arkval Taite 

Lighting designer Marjut Kauppinen, Arkval Taite 

Electrical designer Sami Astala, PQR Finland 

Year 2019 

Location Lapland Hotels Bulevardi, Bulevardi 28, Helsinki 

“Mount Kelvin is the answer for a five star hotel experience. Their collaboration with us, from engineering to execution, was unparalleled. They have a great gift for listening and turning complexity into simplicity. Our customers are pleased with how easily they can adjust the lights. Lighting is the most important feature in hotels for creating ambiance.”

  • — Leena Turunen, Area Director, Lapland Hotels

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