Press release 5.12.2018

FinCap builds 180 apartments with Mount Kelvin

FinCap’s latest residential development, Maljalahden Marina in Kuopio, will include the Mount Kelvin room control system in all 180 apartments to provide an enhanced quality of modern living with personalised lighting ambiance. The design and pre-marketing are underway and construction is scheduled to start in summer 2019.

“We are raising the standard of modern housing to the next level with our Maljalahden Marina apartment development in Kuopio. When choosing a technology partner to help us create this modern residential building and provide value to the homeowners, we wanted a company that had experience in both homes and buildings. We chose Mount Kelvin due to their proven experience in a variety of large projects. They are providing a future-proof room control system, that is easy to install and personalise to each of our homeowners. The modern lighting control from Mount Kelvin will bring each home individuality and luxury. In addition, our platinum-level homes are also equipped with electric curtains.”
– Juha Kivimäki, Project Development Manager, FinCap

The interior design is done by well-respected dSign Vertti Kivi & Co and includes high quality, durable materials, and equipment. Mount Kelvin and dSign share the same vision of being design-led in projects and have complemented each other before on other projects.

“We are delighted to be working with FinCap on their latest residential development and to provide their homeowners' delightful indoor experiences from our intuitive lighting controls. Together with dSign we have complemented their interiors with our smart lighting switch options, as seen above. It's a pleasure to help create the modern living environment and great buildings together."
– Jakub Järvenpää, CEO, Mount Kelvin

Press release 21.08.2018

Mount Kelvin revolutionizes indoor living

In 2007 Apple reinvented the phone. A few years later Tesla did it with cars. Today, Mount Kelvin is doing the same thing to buildings.

Mount Kelvin, a company at the apex of next generation smart buildings, was founded in 2014. The Finnish company, originally called Houm (pronounced ”home” by Finns), begun their journey by making smart lighting solutions to private homes. The software evolved day by day and as the number of installed systems grew to hundreds, the technology proved its reliability. Word was spreading, and the reliability and exceptional userfriendliness of the system got hotels, restaurants and offices around the world to request demos and start adopting it.

The old name now reflected only a fraction of the business. For this reason the company has now gone through rebranding. The new name is Mount Kelvin, referring to installation (to mount) and color temperature (Kelvin).

Jakub Järvenpää, CEO of Mount Kelvin comments: “Right now, there is this huge tornado of digital transformation sweeping over the construction industry, and we are right in the eye of it. The year 2018 has been very eventful and productive. In addition to the rebranding I’m glad to welcome five new members to our team, further strengthening the marketing, sales and technical development of Mount Kelvin.”

Mount Kelvin gives perfect control of lighting, curtains, heating, air conditioning etc. All these can be controlled with wireless and battery-free switches, a mobile app and voice control. In addition, Mount Kelvin offers a wide range of sensors to monitor the usage, status and health of the buildings. Mount Kelvin is intuitive and easy-to-use in daily life. The system is also easy to assemble, commission and configure. Adding a new switch or water leakage sensor is at the fingertips of the user with a few clicks on the mobile application. Mount Kelvin is for all interiors, whether it be for a hotel, office building, retail shop, cruise ship or individual home.

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