Lapland Hotels Bulevardi leads the way with Mount Kelvin

Lapland Hotels have created a completely new hotel concept in cosmopolitan Helsinki. With their nature-inspired interiors throughout and private saunas in over 100 of the bedrooms, this brings a new feature in the urban hotel genre, a real touch of Nordic well-being. When designing the concept, Lapland Hotels wanted to add even more and create the latest in modern guest experiences. They chose Mount Kelvin's state-of-the-art control system for all 182 rooms and Kultá restaurant. The guests of Lapland Hotels Bulevardi can now sense the Lapland feeling by selecting their preferred room ambiance with one simple click.

Linger a little, float away from everyday life and experience the peaceful sensation of the North at Lapland Hotels Bulevardi.

We are delighted to bring our northern hospitality to Helsinki with the latest hotel by Lapland Hotels. Our unique proposition combining nature inspiration and modern luxury will be attractive to both international and local visitors alike. Whether they come to experience the Kultá's kitchen food infusions or stay in one of our sumptuous bedrooms with sauna & spa delights, they will be in for a truly luxurious sensation.

We believe we are providing the number one hotel experience in Helsinki so it is important for us to have partners like Mount Kelvin who can provide services and products that convey the hotel’s theme of modernity.

Our nature-inspired interiors are enhanced by Mount Kelvin's easy to use modern room controls. With this future-proof system, we are providing smart controls today and also prepared for the future. Guests can switch on their preferred room ambiance with one simple click and enjoy the Lapland sensation.

Leena Turunen, Regional Director, Lapland Hotels

We are proud to enable Lapland Hotels Bulevardi to deliver the latest in modern guest experiences with our state-of-the-art room control system throughout the hotel. With their northern hospitality, nature-inspired interiors and our room controls, the guests will truly feel the mystical sensation of Lapland. We look forward to developing more wonderful guest experiences with Leena and the team in Lapland Hotels.

Jakub Järvenpää, CEO, Mount Kelvin

Change the mood effortlessly by choosing the preferred lighting scene with a click of a switch.

Come and see what a modern hotel room is capable of in our hotel showroom. Contact us for a demonstration by email info@mountkelvin.com or call us at 010 277 470.