Hotel lighting control

Mount Kelvin is designed to provide a premium experience in lighting control. Our principle is total lighting control, meaning all luminaires in the room, including table/floor/reading lamps, are controlled by the system.

Total lighting control is the basis for the proper implementation of other features. If all luminaires are not controlled by the system, an “All off” switch does not switch all the lights off, which is nothing but frustrating to the guest.

Scene control for lighting

Individual, unlabeled switches for each luminaire group are usually very confusing for the hotel guest, because the function of the switches is not apparent from the switch itself.

Mount Kelvin replaces these individual switches with properly labeled switches with powerful functions.

Using scenes as the basis of lighting control ensures consistency in the room experience: each customer enjoys the carefully designed lighting presets created by the lighting/interior designer. The All off scene provides convenience when leaving the room or going to sleep.

For our standard rooms we always create four lighting scenes: Daytime, Evening, Night, and All off. These are fully customizable for each hotel and each room type.

hotel room light switch with four scenes and custom prints


Our switches are wireless and battery-free. Completely maintenance free, and full freedom of positioning.

wireless battery free hotel room light switch

Welcome lights


Welcome lights activates a pre-selected lighting scene when the entrance door is opened by the guest. This removes the age-old hassle with the keycard, and guarantees that the room is perfectly lit when the guest enters the room.

Smooth transitions

Enable smooth dimming curves

Lights going on or off abruptly (pop on, pop off) is not aesthetically pleasing and is disturbing to the occupants of the room. With Mount Kelvin, you don’t have to worry about pop on or off. Lights go on and off softly, and transitions between scenes are designed to be pleasing to the eye.

Automatic night lights

replay icon

Enter bathroom during


A rude wakeup by bright bathroom lights in the middle of the night is not what you want for your guests. That’s why we switch on the bathroom lights automatically upon entrance. The intensity of the lighting depends on the hour of the day: bright lights during the day, dark mode during the night.

Motorized curtain control

Having motorized curtains brings extra comfort and a feeling of luxury to the hotel room. Motorized curtains improve the energy efficiency of the property by deflecting natural light when the room is not occupied for extended periods of time.

hotel room automatic curtains