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Our toolkit for creating perfect stays

Perfect lighting control

The most comfortable and unique way to adjust lighting. We have designed four different moods. Just one click to set the mood. The guests can also adjust the lights via the TV, voice control or mobile application.

Welcome lights

A farewell to the keycard hassle. Once the guest opens the door the lights turn smoothly and automatically on. It’s a pretty nice detail, and we know how much details matter to you.

Automatic night lights

Dim lights to guide the guest from a bed to a bathroom and back without unnecessary bright light shock and wake-up. Motion detectors keep guests’ dreams sweet.

Wake-up lights

Let your guests wake-up naturally. They can set a personal sunrise for their room and enjoy the morning with or without a wake-up call. Easy to adjust and integrate in room controls via the TV.

Wireless and battery-free switches

Daytime, evening, night or all off. Just one click to set the mood is as simple as it gets. Our wireless and battery-free switches can be ordered with custom prints to match the hotel’s overall design.

Efficient housekeeping

Do Not Disturb and Make Up Room switches, coupled with occupancy detection outside the room help the housekeepers and ensure the guest’s privacy. One click from the bed and the guest’s status and needs are clear. Also, the housekeepers are made aware of when to enter and clean the room in order to work more efficiently.

Easy to use AC

Press the wall switch or just lie on the bed. There are many ways to set the right room temperature. A wall switch, mobile application or via the room’s TV. Even a receptionist can serve guests by asking if they would like to set their favourite temperature remotely from the reception.

Automatic energy saving

A wicked combination of our cool tech. Check this out: a guest leaves the room, the curtains close and the lights turn off automatically and the thermostat goes into eco mode. Ingenious!

Curtain control

Let your guests open and close the curtains with one click, without getting up. This is another feature that can be easily adapted to our room control system. Both bedside switches and the mobile application work perfectly.

Mobile key

One day this will be the new normal. We are ready whenever you are. It is fully feasible with us and our like-minded partners to provide keycard-free guest experiences.

Mobile control

Convenient control with a phone. The lighting control at guest’s fingertips. For relaxing times, make it Mount Kelvin time.

Room controls via the TV

Since the TV is already in the room for the guests, we can adapt lighting, temperature and DND/MUR features to the screen to improve your guest experience.

Voice control

“Alexa, turn on the evening lights.” And with that, the lights turn on. “Alexa, set the temperature to 21.” And the room temperature is set. “Alexa, turn off the lights.” And good night.

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