Security and reliability

As Mount Kelvin is a wireless and internet connected solution, special attention has been given to issues related to reliability and security of the system. In brief, a few principles have been followed in all aspects of the system:

  • Encryption of communication. Wireless and wired communications are secured against eavesdropping and message injection with strong encryption.
  • No single point of failure. Lighting control with switches will continue to work even if all gateways and many communications nodes are removed.
  • Updateable. Any connected device must be updated occasionally to remain protected against new threats.

Communication between the gateway, cloud backend and mobile app are secured with industry standard SSL encryption, similar to used in the finance industry for mobile banking. Inside the wireless mesh network, the network is secured with a pre shared network key, which is used to secure messages in the network. The initial messaging between the Mesh network and a wireless switch can also be optionally encrypted.