Switches and power sockets

The default control interfaces of Mount Kelvin are wireless and battery-free switches, which generate Bluetooth signals using EnOcean power harvesting technology. Since they have no wiring or batteries, they are completely maintenance-free.

The wireless switch is powered by EnOcean technology. The physical work of pushing the switch is converted to electricity, which is enough to send a BLE signal to the mesh network.

Switch types

There are two types of switches: 1-key and 2-key. As the type names suggest, 1-key has one rocker key and 2-key has two. All keys are separately configurable.

One key and two key switch

Key configurations

There are six key configurations: on-off, pushdim, scene activation, four scenes, _curtain control, and DND/MUR.

On-off configuration
Pushdim configuration
Scene activation configuration
Four scenes configuration
Curtain control configuration
DND / MUR configuration
Electrical drawing, switches

Mount Kelvin recommends switches by Gira, with multiple options in switch and frame color, or the 55 series by Opus.

We recommend anthracite-colored switches with white prints for most hotel rooms, they offer a good balance with nice looks, excellent durability, readability, and compatibility with various interior design ideas.

Gira wireless switches
Gira Anthracite switches with a black metal frame, white prints in 4-scenes configuration in both text and symbols.
Hotel room bedside light switch
Mount Kelvin Bedside featuring a four scenes, reading lamp push-dim and dual USB+Schuko power socket. Switches from Gira E2, color matte Anthracite with white prints, frame brushed gold aluminium.

To start try the Gira configurator, which allows testing various switch color and frame combinations.

Switch colors

The most popular color for hotels is matte anthracite with the matching anthracite frame as it is easy to keep clean and conveys a more premium feel than the white glossy version.

While a matte white color also exists for this line, we don’t recommend it as it requires regular cleaning to remain presentable in a hotel environment.

Frame options

The E2 switch line is compatible with various Gira frame lines, the most popular ones are E2, Esprit Glass, and Esprit Metal.

Metal framed switch examples
Esprit Metal framed Gira switches in various colors.
Glass framed switch examples
Esprit Glass framed Gira switches in various colors.

Please confirm the availability of your chosen color combination.

Power sockets

There are three primary use cases for power sockets in a hotel room each of which warrants their own considerations

Bedside power sockets, for charging portable devices and using a laptop in bed. For this purpose, Mount Kelvin recommends the 2USB power socket, which offers one Schuko power socket combined with two powerful USB power ports. This solution gives the charging option even for more digitally oriented guests while allowing a minimalist visual style to the bedside. 2USB carries matching color variants for many of the Gira colors mentioned above, but please contact us to verify availability.

Hotel room bedside light switch
Mount Kelvin Bedside anthracite framed in matte aluminium, with 2USB Schuko power outlet.

Other guest power sockets for using a laptop or a shaver. A notable limitation with the 55mm form factor is, that a double Schuko power outlet is only available with a standalone frame and cannot be installed in the same frame as switches or other sockets. Guest power sockets should not be automatically turned off when the room is vacant, as the user may leave their devices to be charged in the room while away.

Glass framed switch examples
Power sockets for common hotel guest uses. Single socket versions can be combined into a single frame with switches.

Non-guest power sockets are intended for permanent fixtures, which the guest is not supposed to remove. These include bedside reading lights, floor and desk lamps, minibar, and similar. A minibar and other non-light devices can use regular power sockets, but luminaires should use a light socket to prevent guests from plugging in their own electronics. For Mount Kelvin hotel rooms, we try to make every light dimmable, which entails also making some power sockets dimmable. Plugging other electronics into these dimmable power sockets can lead to unexpected results and poor guest experience.