All sensors in Mount Kelvin require only mains power wiring or no wiring at all if they are battery-powered. A standard Mount Kelvin room has

  • one battery-powered magnetic door sensor (∠)
  • two mains powered passive infrared motion sensors (PIR)
Electrical drawing, sensors

The bathroom sensor should be placed in a central spot in the bathroom, so that the sensor will easily detect both a person entering the bathroom as well as the areas where people are likely to remain stationary, eg. the shower and toilet seat.

The most important aspect to consider when placing the bedroom motion sensor is that the field of view covers the bed and possible sofa / living room areas.

In the case of larger rooms like suites, we recommend two or more sensors in the room to cover the bed and sofa area.

Door sensors

The Mount Kelvin wireless door sensor signals the system for changes in door state and is used for occupancy detection (together with the motion sensors) and welcome lights. It is battery powered and surface mountable with an included installation bracket. The battery life is 1-2 years with the included coin cell battery.

The sensor consists of two parts: the main sensor assembly and the magnet enclosure. The magnet enclosure may be replaced with another magnet (for example one drilled into a door).

Mount Kelvin wireless door sensor
The Mount Kelvin MK-DS-BLE is a battery powered wireless magnetic door sensor.

Motion sensors

Mount Kelvin supports standalone motion sensors from Danlers. The commonly used models are:

Model Description Data sheet
Danlers MK-CEFL Flush mount ceiling PIR motion sensor Data sheet
Danlers MK-CESR Surface mount ceiling PIR motion sensor Data sheet

Both of these devices require 230VAC power and nothing else, a radio chip inside the sensor unit handles communication.