Luminaires and luminaire drivers


Below is a diagram with luminaires in a standard room (blue symbols). There are five types of luminaires in the room:

  • ceiling-mounted downlights
  • ceiling-mounted decorative lights
  • wall mounted lights
  • floor/table lamps
  • LED strips
Electrical drawing, luminaires

We recommend all luminaires to be dimmable by default. This dramatically improves the possibilities to create pleasing lighting scenes.

Luminaire drivers

Every luminaire needs a driver in order to be controlled by Mount Kelvin. There are four types of luminaire drivers:

  • 230 VAC dimmable drivers (AC)
  • 230 VAC relays (RE)
  • constant current drivers (CC)
  • constant voltage drivers (CV)

All luminaire drivers need only mains power wiring, so no bus wiring needs to be designed.

Below is a diagram where every luminaire is accompanied by a driver (red symbols).

Electrical drawing, luminaires and drivers

230 VAC dimmable drivers

Trailing edge 230V dimmable driver Helvar ACD-FD with built-in wireless control module is suitable for dimming decorative luminaires, reading lights, and other light sources that use conventional light bulbs.

Helvar ACD-FD

Data sheet for Helvar ACD-FD

When using ACD-FD, the bulbs used must be dimmable. As a rule of thumb, conventional incandescent and halogen bulbs always dim well. For LED bulbs, check dimmability from the bulb manufacturer’s documentation and our recommendations for the bulb compatibility. Compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs cannot be dimmed, they should always be replaced with dimmable LED bulbs. If a CFL bulb must be used, it should be controlled with a relay.

230 VAC relays

In the rare case of non-dimmable luminaires, the Mount Kelvin MK-1CH 230 VAC relay should be used. Relays are also used on some specialty devices like smart glass.

The relay also includes two 230v inputs.

MK-1CH potential free relay

For more information on the relay, please refer to the data sheet.

Constant current drivers

Constant current drivers are used primarily for ceiling-mounted downlights. Helvar N-FD wireless control module is designed to be used with compatible Helvar constant current drivers.

Helvar Constant Current driver with communications node attached
Helvar N-FD is a wireless control module designed to be used with compatible Helvar constant current drivers.

Data sheet for Helvar N-FD

Compatible constant current drivers:

Model Power Casing Current range Link
LC25-FD-350-700 25 W Compact 350 – 700 mA Product Page
LC35FD-700-1050 35 W Compact 700 – 1050 mA Product Page
LC50FD-900-1400 50 W Compact 900 – 1400 mA Product Page
LL10-42FD-120-350 42 W Linear 120 – 350 mA Product Page
LL23-80FD-150-350 80 W Linear 150 – 350 mA Product Page
LL50FD-100-1400 50 W Linear 100 – 1400 mA Product Page
LL80-FD-350-700 80 W Linear 350 – 700 mA Product Page
LL110-FD-350-700 110 W Linear 350 – 700 mA Product Page
LL150-FD-350-700 150W Linear 350 - 700mA N/A

Constant voltage drivers

Constant voltage drivers are primarily used to control LED strips in hotels. The strips may come in various color variants, commonly: white, tunable white, RGB, and RGBW. The driver package for an LED strip consists of two parts, the main driver and the 4 channel wireless control module.

Helvar LL4-CV-FD wireless control module is designed to be used with compatible Helvar constant voltage drivers. The module can be used for RGBW, RGB, tunable white, and plain white lighting applications.

Helvar LL4-CV-FD
The CV-driver should be chosen according to the voltage and current of the luminaire, the control unit (LL4-CV-FD) supports both 12 and 24V LED strips.

Data sheet for Helvar LL4-CV-FD

Compatible constant voltage drivers:

Model Voltage Power Data Sheet
LL1x30-CV12 12V 30W Product Page
LL1x75-CV12 12V 75W Product Page
LL1x30-E-CV24 24V 30W Product Page
LL1x75-E-CV24 24V 75W Product Page
LL1x120-CV24 24V 120W Product Page
LL1x180-CV24 24V 180W Product Page

DALIMesh adapter

For some luminaires, it’s not practical to replace the existing driver units with Wirepas compatible ones. Most professional luminaires are, however available with a DALI control option. The DALIMesh adapter can be used to control a single DALI device through Mount Kelvin as if it was a full-featured Mount Kelvin compatible device.

Ensto DALIMesh
The Ensto DALIMesh takes in 230V AC power and sends DALI control signals out.

DALIMesh combines a DALI power source, a DALI communications unit, and a Wirepas radio into a single compact package.