Configuring a room

Lighting control

Lighting scenes

For our standard rooms we always create four lighting scenes: Daytime, Evening, Night, and All off. These are fully customizable for each hotel and each room type.

Night shift

Night shift automatically activates a lighting scene in the room based on motion sensor activity depending on the time of the day. There are three configurable periods of time: day, evening and night.

Welcome lights

Welcome lights is a feature which activates a lighting scene when the door is opened for the first time by the guest. This feature uses a door sensor and requires a cloud integration into the PMS (in order to have guest checkin information).

Contact with details about your PMS and we will provide information on the right strategy to implement the Welcome lights feature.

Motorized curtain control

Eco mode

Using scenes as the basis of lighting control ensures consistency in the room experience: each customer enjoys the carefully designed lighting presets created by the lighting/interior designer. The All off scene provides convenience when leaving the room or going to sleep.

Having motorized curtains brings extra comfort and a feeling of luxury to the hotel room. Motorizing curtains also improves automatic energy savings by deflecting natural light when the room is not occupied for extended periods of time.

HVAC control

An essential part of a consistent guest room experience is an easy-to-use HVAC control interface. Having the HVAC system integrated into the GRMS improves the energy efficiency of the room, since our auto-off feature automatically sets all integrated devices into standby mode when the room is unoccupied.


Instead of relying on key card readers (which are commonly bypassed by having two keycards), Mount Kelvin uses motion detectors and magnetic door sensors to establish the occupancy of the room.

When a guest leaves the room and the door closes, a countdown begins. If no movement is detected during the countdown period (typically 30 mins), the occupancy state is set to unoccupied. This, in turn, then causes the lights to be switched off and the AC set to standby mode.

When the door is opened or movement is detected in the room, the occupancy state is set to occupied.

For integration purposes, the occupancy state is available via our cloud API.

Cloud connectivity

By default, all Mount Kelvin buildings and rooms are accessible via our cloud API. All integrations are far faster to implement and easier to maintain when comparing with traditional systems. Being by default cloud-connected ensures that the rooms is future-proof in terms of new technologies emerging over the lifecycle of the rooms (typically 10–15 years).