Last updated on Mon 20 Apr 2020

FAQ for Mesh

Availability in the US market

Estimated late 2021. There are three physical components in our room controls system that need to be approved for the US market in order to be deliverable:

  • the gateway
  • the wireless switches
  • the luminaire drivers.

Already approved for the US market are the gateway and the wireless switches. We are in the process of designing a luminaire driver set for the US market (120 V supply voltage). General availability for the drivers in the US market is estimated to be late 2021.

Wirepas vs Zigbee

To learn about the differences of Wirepas and Zigbee, see Wirepas & Zigbee 3.0 compared.

Radio jamming

It is possible to disturb wireless communications, like GPS, air traffic control signals, radar systems, phone signals, TV signals and wireless luminaire control systems with radio jammers.

An attack like this would also disturb wifi networks and Bluetooth peripheral connections. Jamming attacks are rare, because they yield little benefit to the attacker and are relatively easy to detect. A jamming attack is akin to someone shouting so loudly it makes conversations between other people impossible. Like the shouter, a radio jammer can be located by listening. Due to the radio frequencies being used as a communications medium in many mission critical systems, the regulator also takes attacks like these seriously and punishments are harsh.