Dimmable 230 V luminaire controller
Dimmable 230 V luminaire controller

Trailing edge 230V dimmable driver Helvar ACD-FD with built-in wireless control module is suitable for dimming decorative luminaires, reading lights, and other light sources that use conventional light bulbs.

Installation instructions

Helvar ACD-FD wiring

When using ACD-FD, the bulbs used must be dimmable. As a rule of thumb, conventional incandescent and halogen bulbs always dim well. For LED bulbs, check dimmability from the bulb manufacturer’s documentation and our recommendations for the bulb compatibility.


Compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs cannot be dimmed, they should always be replaced with dimmable LED bulbs.

If a CFL bulb must be used, it should be controlled with a relay.


Property Value
Voltage range 85 VAC - 240 VAC
Frequency 50 Hz - 60 Hz
No-load standby power < 0.3 W
Max. inrush current 10 A, 100 ms
Max. output power 150 VA @ 230 VAC
Output current Max. 0.65 A
Dimensions: 15,9 * 41,2 * 37 mm

Certifications and standards

EN 61347-2-11
EN 60669-1
Compliant with relevant EU directives
RoHS/REACH compliant
CE marked

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