Door sensor
Door sensor

The Mount Kelvin wireless door sensor signals the system for changes in door state and is used for occupancy detection (together with the motion sensors) and welcome lights. It is battery powered and surface mountable with an included installation bracket. The battery life is 1-2 years with the included coin cell battery.

The sensor consists of two parts: the main sensor assembly and the magnet enclosure. The magnet enclosure may be replaced with another magnet (for example one drilled into a door).


Property Value
Static current (MAX) 9 uA
Transmit current 30 mA
Transmit power 4 dBm
Receive sensitivity -96 dBm
Communication protocol BLE4.1
Frequency band 2.4 GHz
Max communication distance 100 m
Working voltage 1pc CR2450 button battery
Induction distance >10MM
Alarm indicator LED status indicator
Output signal type Alarm report, tamper report, low battery report, heartbeat report
Working humidity & temperature - 10 C ~ 50 C; < 95%RH no condensation
Dimensions (door detector) 80 * 35 * 18 mm (L * W * H)
Dimensions (door magnet) 80 * 12 * 18 mm (L * W * H)