Wireless light switch
Wireless light switch

The default control interfaces of Mount Kelvin are wireless and battery-free switches, which generate Bluetooth signals using EnOcean power harvesting technology. Since they have no wiring or batteries, they are completely maintenance-free.

The wireless switch is powered by EnOcean technology. The physical work of pushing the switch is converted to electricity, which is enough to send a BLE signal to the mesh network.

Installation instructions

The switch can be mounted with screws, glue or double sided tape.

wireless battery free hotel room light switch by Gira
The structure and parts of a Gira switch
wireless battery free hotel room light switch by Opus
The structure and parts of an Opus switch


Property Value
Frequency 2.4 GHz BLE systems
Channels 2 (single rocker) or 4 (double rocker)
Mounting Gluing, taping or screwing onto flat surface
Range 75 m ideal line of sight / 10 m indoor environment
Lifetime > 50.000 actuations (switching cycles) according to EN 60669 / VDE 0632
Approvals RED, FCC, ISED, ACMA
Transmitter module PTM 215B